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Scientists, Technologists and Artists Generating Exploration

As the Professional Artists Lab's focus converges on the creation of artistic work relevant to the lives we lead – lives influenced by incredibly sophisticated technological and scientific advances – we’re cultivating collaborations among artists and scientists.

Scientists, Technologists and Artists Generating Exploration embodies both the STAGE International Script Competition and the STAGE Collaboratory.

The STAGE International Script Competition

We began to foster such interactions with a competition for new plays about science and technology, offering a $10,000 prize to the best new play to explore scientific and/or technological stories and themes. That is how the STAGE International Script Competition was conceived. The STAGE Competition was launched in collaboration with the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), one of the prestigious California Institutes for Science Innovation. In addition to the monetary award, winners have opportunities for developing and promoting their winning scripts.

The Competition is now entering its fifth cycle. Plays are submitted from all over the world. Entrants have included an early-career writer from a remote part of Nigeria, several established and prominent playwrights, and even a Nobel Laureate!

The STAGE Collaboratory

Based on their extraordinarily fertile partnership on the Competition, the Lab and CNSI have broadened their field of vision and are taking the work to the next level with the STAGE Collaboratory. Under this umbrella, the Professional Artists Lab and the California NanoSystems Institute collaborate internationally with professional artists to create and develop multi-media theatre pieces in which science and technology play prominent roles in content and/or form. Work has begun on the first of these theatrical creations: The Brain Project, a multi-media theatre piece about the brain.

The STAGE Collaboratory will comprise the core focus of the Lab; it will become a laboratory in which artists create work relevant to the lives we lead – lives influenced by elegant technological and scientific advances – and one in which accidental discoveries can provide the seeds for great work.

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