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Exploration and Education through Study and Performance
Students who participate in Lab offerings are those enrolled in Film Studies 114A & 114B, "Creating and Performing for Stage and Screen" and Film Studies 109 AP, AB, & AC, "Advanced Creating and Performing" (see course descriptions, below). To be eligible for these courses, students must demonstrate serious commitment, along with creative and academic excellence. An audition, a written statement, and permission from the instructor are required for enrollment in all courses.

FS 114A & FS 114B - Creating and Performing for Stage and Screen

This new two-quarter course captures the experience of a professional company of actors, from the inception of a new work, through the rehearsal process, to the premiere. The course will operate in the mode of a laboratory, in which ideas are brought to life and tested through the practice of doing. Special emphases will be placed on acting, story and the adaptation of all types of literature (including novels, biographies, short stories, poetry, essays, diaries, letters, journals, newspapers, and transcribed interviews) for stage and screen. Opportunities for students to contribute to design, technical and multi-media aspects of the project will also be available. All work culminates in a public performance on campus and/or in downtown Santa Barbara at the end of the second quarter.
FS 109AP, FS 109AB & FS 109 AC - Special Topics in Production: Advanced Creating and Performing for Stage and Screen

This sequence is an advanced version of the FS 114 series, with a particular focus:  we will research, write, improvise, and perhaps find new ways of creating a multi-media theatre piece. The FS 109 courses will provide in-depth possibilities for creative exploration, for finding ways to bring the art you sense within yourself to the stage and screen.

FS 62 - Professional Artists Lab: Actors and Directors in Focus

Dynamic dialogues, demonstrations and instruction offered by accomplished Hollywood actors and directors. Course offers unique insight into the artistic and business aspects of these professions; of interest to anyone considering a career on screen, stage, and/or behind the scenes.

Apertures, a theatre production in several scenes about "seductive, inspiring and alarming flashes of insight," was adapted, written and performed by FS 114 students in UCSB's Girvetz Theatre.

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